Steam Cleaning/Power Washing

Vessels arriving for annual repaint are high pressure washed and steam cleaned with hot water and detergent to leave a grease free and clean surface for painting.

UHP Water Blasting

UHP water blasting is the contemporary, environmentally friendly way of preparing surfaces for painting as a replacement for sand blasting or grit blasting. It removes all old coatings from hulls and superstructures back to bare steel when hot zinc spraying can be applied.

Grit Blasting - click to enlargeGrit Blasting

Dry grit blasting is a means of cleaning steel structures by blowing an abrasive media against the steel using compressed air, or mechanical means to propel the grit. Some of the common materials used for blasting are steel grit, steel shots, expendable, glass beads (bead blasting), olivine and garnet.


Hot Zinc Spraying

Metal spraying provides an effective and resilient barrier to corrosion and steel work. A protective coating of Zinc in molten particles is flame sprayed onto clean prepared surfaces using a Zincing Gun. Hot Zinc spraying is ideally suited for aggressive marine environments.

Foam Injection Insulation

This is a specialised service which we provide. This involves injection of closed cell foam insulation between the fish room linings and hull sides to minimise heat transfer from outside the vessel. Thus achieving superior temperature control and preservation of the catch. This technique is fast becoming the most widely used for the insulation of cold storage areas on fishing vessels.

Fibre Glass Application

Fibreglass is a lightweight and extremely strong and robust material ideally suited for use in fish rooms. It eliminates any odors caused by deteriorating timber linings and leaves extremely durable and clean hygenic surfaces.

Fish Tank Coatings

Specialist paint certified for the carrying of foodstuffs.

Fish Room Refurbishment

Fish room refurbishment usually occurs in 2 stages. Firstly, old linings are removed and replaced and foam injected insulation fills in the cavities. Then a fibreglass application is applied onto internal linings of the fish room.

Specialist Plastic Coatings

Polyurea is a specialist application which cures within seconds and can be put into service within minutes. Once applied, it leaves a rubber/plastic finish. Advantages are that it is maintenance free, meets all health and hygeine requirements, is easily cleaned, extremely tough and corrosion resistant. The application is used in the marine industry for the lining of the fish holds and fish handling areas. It can also be used as a tank lining as it is chemical and oil resistant.